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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Holidays

With the Easter Bank Holidays fast approaching many of our medical travel insurance customers have been looking for inspiration of where to go. Whether you’re looking to whisk the family away for the term break or just want to enjoy a break before the holiday season gets expensive and crowded, a European city break is ideal.
With Europe sitting vastly unexplored on your doorstep, a four night break in some of the continent’s best cities are available at the end of a short flight.

London may not seem like an obvious choice, but for those that just want a break from the boring humdrum of everyday routine, London can offer a huge amount to do for a cheaper price than going abroad. Kew Gardens are just beginning to blossom this time of year and most of the gardens have level or ramped floor for those with limited mobility. For those with young families, Kew are also hosting Easter egg hunts throughout the school break. You can visit the real life fluffy ducks and eggs at the WWT London Wetland Centre, which also provides accessible wheelchair facilities.

The tube provides wheelchair access for all of their stations with lifts, but check before you travel that the size of the lift is adequate, and that you are able to manage any gap between the station and the train. The Transport for London website will tell you of any details about planned work or lifts that are out of use.

Paris celebrates Easter over the weekend of the 20th-21st April, and Easter in Paris is all about chocolate. Join in on the Easter brunch and Easter egg hunt at the Fouquet’s Barrière Hotel with disabled access, or visit Choco-story, the gourmet chocolate making museum, with exhibits and chocolate-making workshops for everyone to enjoy and a lift for those with limited mobility to reach all floors.

Both these attractions are easily accessible by Metro, which unfortunately is unsuitable for those with wheelchairs or limited mobility. Instead, buses and the RAR system in Paris have in recent years become a lot more accommodating and regularly run throughout the city.

Berlin won the European City Access Award in 2013, recognising its grand efforts in making the city disability-friendly. All bus and tram services, and even the S- and U-Bahn routes offer wheelchair access, and you can check online whether your stop provides adequate accessibility.

The Lübars family farm is great for visiting as a family. Easter brunches are usually served, with pony rides, egg colouring and special Easter bread cooked fresh on-site for kids to enjoy. For others, the Easter Knight’s Pageant at the Zitadelle Spandau offers an exciting celebration of Easter – from historical-themed markets with handicraft stands and delicacies. There is even jesters and dancers who perform for you, and a knight’s tournament as the highlight of the day.

Known worldwide as a capital of culture and famous for its architecture, the Gaudi buildings are a must-see when visiting Barcelona. As a mark of its varied heritage, the entire city is mixed in with a diverse mix of parks, buildings and other sights. Park Güell is surprisingly wheelchair accessible- situated at the top of a hill with buildings and gardens built into it, it provides a beautiful foreground to the city. To celebrate Easter, every Spanish town and city celebrate ‘Semana Santa’ by holding a procession celebrating the Virgin Mary, and offering inter-weaved palm leaves or a dough ring with chocolate figures on. Throughout Spanish culture Semana Santa is very important and extensively celebrated.

Barcelona’s Metro system offers disabled access on most of its stations, however only one line (the Purple line) offers lift access at all of its stops, but extensive work is being done across Barcelona to make it more wheelchair-friendly.

Like Berlin, Salzburg won the European City Access Award in 2012, so countless attractions, bars, hotels and restaurants are ‘barrier-free’, allowing you to enjoy your holiday to the full, and the railway in particular is wheelchair-friendly.
For Easter, Salzburg hold their annual Easter festival – one of the most renowned and famous classical festivals in the world, offering an extensive programme of operatic, choral, and orchestral concerts at an impressive level.
Alternatively, for those with younger families, the Open Air Museum also offers tourists the chance to decorate their own eggs, tie ‘Palmbuschen’ bouquets and making Easter baskets filled with ham, eggs, cheese, bacon, butter, sausages and honey from local farms.

Wherever you end up spending your Easter break, home or away, we hope you have a lovely time.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Travel Insurance and Cancer

People all have the same reasons for wanting to travel: to see new places, meet new people, experience new things, visit someone or somewhere they love, to work, or just to relax. Even if you haven't been affected by cancer, your motivations for going away are likely to be the same as someone who has been, and more often than not those fighting cancer often bring forward trips as a way to experience something they always wanted to, or as a chance to get away and recover. For someone who has been or is ill, getting away from the routine of check-ups, doctors and medical care can be an ideal chance to recover somewhere relaxing and different.

Taking out travel insurance to ensure you're covered for any possible medical treatment whilst away from home is essential, as you want to be able to claim for emergency medical costs and care abroad, even if the treatment you're receiving is as a result of illness. In destinations such as the US, or outside Europe, the medical costs can become phenomenal, especially if they include flying you back home for further treatment.

Getting travel insurance after you've been diagnosed with something like cancer can make things complicated, difficult and expensive. From the insurance company's point of view, you are a bigger risk having already been ill, and therefore are more likely to need them to pay for medical treatment, or to cancel your holiday last minute. Insurancewith treats each customer as an individual, assessing their personal medical situation in detail with empathy and expert advice. CD, from Surrey said, “This is the second policy I’ve taken with you – the advisors I spoke to during the screening process have been very helpful and knowledgeable. And your quotes have been very affordable compared to others I’ve had. You are over £1,000 cheaper”

Cancer patients often find the online screening process of many travel insurance providers difficult as they cannot always ‘tick all the boxes’, and in some cases, insurers 'say no to cancer' and refuse cover to people who have suffered with the illness because it proves too much of a risk to insure. Questions about diagnosis, treatment and prognosis are common among many insurance providers' medical screening tests and can sometimes be distressing to those suffering with the illness. With Insurancewith's innovative medical screening process, the customer actually talks to a personal risk specialist, who helps custom-build their quote based on their individual medical situation. JD, from Surrey praises our inclusive travel insurance after they bought a policy for his mum: “Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and all your staff for not saying No to Cancer and arranging travel insurance for my mum. It meant the world to us as a family, allowing us to go as a family back to our house in Florida for a much needed holiday. After numerous calls to other companies, we had given up, Mum and Dad were so disappointed, until you called us back with great news and your quote”.

With Insurancewith, our underwriters give our customers a bespoke quote based on the actual risk rather than the perceived risk of their situation, and our award-winning 1-2-1 medical screening system helps generate a fair quote for our customers. We work with the medical charity FACT (Fighting All Cancers Together) in order to keep our questionnaires and advice up-to-date which is incredibly useful, especially when cancer-related medicine is constantly evolving.

  Below is a testimonial from KB, from the West Midlands, who recently took out some Insurancewith cover, who commends our customer service and the medical advice that they received:
“A couple of weeks ago you gave me some insurance to go on holiday.  We had a lovely holiday thanks to you covering me with everything that is going on, and I was able to have a very lovely holiday.  I would like to thank you very much for your service and I do hope we will be able to use you again later on in the year.  It was all very traumatic for me and you made it very easy and very nice.  Thank you so much for being so helpful, everyone was so kind guiding me through all the medical side of things.  It was all perfect, thank you very much for your help and if I’m able to travel again I will be back with you.”

For many, cancer won't affect their ability to travel or where they go. Cancer comes in many varying forms with different states and grades, so two people with the same type of cancer may have different treatments and needs. We at Insurancewith are proud of their ability to offer 98% of customers who can't 'tick all the boxes', a bespoke, reasonable quote for our comprehensive cover, and with it, the ability to escape and relax abroad. JC, from Yorkshire commended Insurancewith on their ability to provide them with cover:
“Thank you once again for enabling me to enjoy another memory with my friends.  Many thanks, you really do make a difference”

101 Things To Do When You Survive: Update on Greig's travels

  The story of Greig Trout's journey around the world with the aim of helping those who are still or have experienced cancer, has already been the focus of two previous posts on the Insurancewith blog, and we're proud to still be sponsoring Greig as he continues ticking off things on his list whilst inspiring so many others.

  Our last 101 blog post left Greig following his check up in San Jose, Costa Rica, with the rest of South America ahead of him. Fighting fit and keen to move on in his travels, we joined him following some tricky Spanish language classes in Antigua. Greig then trekked to the beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and watched the sunrise, having taken only three days to complete the climb carrying his own equipment, which is a great achievement. After Guatemala came Belize, where Greig posted a video on his website from a tropical island, which highlighted the body image issues that come with having cancer scars, reminding his video followers that have experienced cancer that the scars are just a mark of the journey you've been through.

  Greig posted a video from the Galapagos, the beautiful and unique islands that inspired Darwin's theory of evolution, and he celebrated his birthday, what a great way to spend it! Along with swimming with the sea turtles and seeing incredible wildlife, Greig told fellow cancer fighters that he's appreciated and lived every single minute to the full after his second all-clear, which became poignant after turning 34, especially after his bowel cancer diagnosis at 30 had him thinking about death.

  In his most recent video, when those inspired by his journey, wanting to do something similar asked Greig how he got the money to do the wonderful things he's doing, he kindly mentioned the Insurancewith sponsorship he was receiving, and how easy and affordable our cover was. Whilst getting insurance after a diagnosis can be difficult or expensive, we understand that survivors do reassess their lives post-cancer and want to live life to the full, in a variety of exciting ways, just as Greig is demonstrating.

  After standing on the equator in Ecuador, abseiling down a waterfall in Peru, and watching the sunrise at the end of an incredible cycling, trekking and zip-wiring Jungle Inca trail to the Machu Picchu mountains, Greig is now in Bolivia, where he's enjoying some well deserved rest and relaxation after exploring the world for a few months.You can catch up with him on his Facebook page here or watch his video-blog on his website

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Winners! Insurance Times Broker Innovation of the Year 2013

Insurancewith are proud to announce that Insurance Times have presented us with the Broker Innovation of the Year 2013 award! Below is a video interview of us shortly after winning the award.
  Shortlisted with four other brokers, each individual nominee presented their product to a judging panel of insurance industry peers and experts. Whilst it's a great honour to be on the shortlist, actually winning was a real seal of approval. It's great when you get acknowledgement and recognition from your peers in the industry, as well as your customers, that you're doing something special and successful.

  Insurancewith has been created specifically to help people with medical conditions obtain travel insurance at very competitive rates.We provide policies developed by people who have personal experience of both cancer, and developing travel insurance policies for those who have already been diagnosed. Our underwriters ensure they look at the actual risk, rather than the perceived risk associated with the medical condition. It is by adopting this realistic approach to travel insurance that has enabled us to secure much better rates for our customers.

  As many of our original customers will know, we were launched in 2010 by Fiona Macrae, founder of Insurepink, to develop a product that offered affordable travel insurance for people with all types of medical conditions. Fiona created Insurancewith after successfully breaking new ground with her Insurepink product for those suffering with breast cancer. Fiona saw a real need for a product which covered all medical conditions, including rare genetic diseases and all types of cancers at affordable premiums.

  Over the last 12 months Insurancewith has developed an innovative and bespoke 121 screening system for those customers who cannot tick all the boxes. Many of our customers find they cannot answer tick box questionnaires because their medical situation is too complex and because of unrelated factors which could not be taken into consideration by an on-line medical screening system, which is why our award winning 121 screening option is so important, enabling us to offer affordable travel insurance quotes to those struggling to find cover.


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Your Chance to win!

At InsuranceWith we're passionate about providing the very best customer care, and as a valued customer we would really appreciate your feedback on your experiences with us. In return we will enter you into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon Voucher.

InsuranceWith was created through my own experiences in trying to find affordable travel insurance after my cancer diagnosis, and so we are always improving and enhancing our policies and services to give our customers the best products possible. To ensure that InsuranceWith continues to provide exactly what our customers want,
we need your feedback.

It's quick and easy to provide feedback, simply visit our Trust Pilot Evaluation page to leave a review in seconds. By leaving a review you will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon Voucher.
Furthermore to signal the launch of our Trust Pilot page our first lucky winner will receive a £50 Amazon Voucher, which is more than triple our usual monthly prize of £15.

If you would like to see what other InsuranceWith customers have said, just visit our Trust Pilot Reviews page.

Insurancewith, doing more than just insurance

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Monday, 11 November 2013

Visiting Christmas Markets

May be you like me are planning to get into the festive mood with a trip to one of those lovely Belgian or German Christmas Markets? Sample spiced wines and cinnamon pastries, soak up the atmosphere and bring home craftwork gifts.  Well don’t overlook getting your travelinsurance for pre-existing medical conditions. 
This is the perfect weekend break as most of the well-known Christmas Markets can be reached by Eurostar or perhaps you will take the car, either way even those with a limited life expectancy will be able to get cover for that all important travel insurance to cover their existing medical conditions for this trip.

 I love Brussels in winter with colourful Christmas trees in the main Square and if you chose a nice hotel you will be able to fit in an excursion to historic Bruges while you are there and sample some of the local gastronomic delights. If you want to go a little further afield there is the “Village de Noel de Liege” with its huge pedestrianized shopping zone, you can stay in a wooden chalet and skate on the open air ice rink.

For a fairy-tale snow scene fly budget airline to Kitzbuehel Christkindlmarkt in Austria or visit Vienna where the aromas of candied fruits Christmas Punch and roasted sweet chestnuts waft around the market stalls.

In Holland the market with a difference is set in the Velvet Cave at Valkenburg where Santa has made his home for the festive season. Take a tour to enjoy Christmas music and impressive murals set amongst loads of stalls crammed with unusual goodies.

Most Christmas Markets are open from the last week of November so you can book now and make sure you have travel insurance and insurance on the tempting presents you are certain to bring back. What better way to get the Christmas spirit for 2013?

Thank you to Tricia Pearson-Tietema our Head of Medical Underwriting for this guest blog.

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